Welcome to Sakthi De-addiction Center

Origin & Growth

Sakthi Trust was registered as a public Charitable Trust under the Indian Trust Act in November 2014, with a desire to attend rehab for substance and / or alcohol abuse is an empowering step toward freedom. Rehab facilities provide the safest and most comfortable methods to achieve sobriety and the greatest likelihood of maintaining that sobriety once achieved. However, treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Every individual require unique care based on a number of factors including what substances they are addicted to, how long they have been addicted, whether or not they have any co-occurring disorders, and personal preferences. Additionally , every facility has a unique treatment process that they use. Despite the many differences , there are a number of generalities that most treatment process will follow.

Our Mission

• Providing conscientious effort to treat and provide rehabilitation to the people who have become addicted to alcohol & other substance abuse.
• Providing awareness to the public on the evils and dangers of the abuse related problem/consequences.
• Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise.
• Aiming at positive social change to be felt at the family level, peer level, student’s level and community level.
• Providing awareness/sensitizing the issues of addiction related problems and HIV/AIDS etc.

Treatment Helps Clients

• Give up the use of alcohol/drugs totally and
• Establish a qualitative life style by making meaningful changes

Treatment Package

• Detoxification and primary care 7 days Residential treatment care for 30 days
• Counseling individual and family
• Group therapy
• Yoga and Meditation
• Music therapy
• Indoor and Outdoor games
• Alcoholic Anonymous / Al Anon meetings
• Relapse prevention /follow up care
• Rehabilitation
• Sobriety celebrations
• Support persons programmes
• Follow up services on regular intervals.

Aims & Objective

• Providing institutional support services of the scientific and systematic treatment for the affected person
• Rehabilitating substance / alcohol abusers, simultaneously enabling the recovering of the entire family through mutual affection and strong bondage.
• Enlighten the public regarding the evils and numerous consequence of the alcohol/ substance abuse and promotion of community voluntarism to the menace forever.
• Build local communities as authentic social / normal force and empower families toward self-reliance.
• Special concentration in relapse prevention and follow up care
• Campaigning against drug and alcohol abuse & HIV/AIDS.

Treatment Includes

• Medical help to handle withdrawal symptoms and other health problems caused or made worse due to addiction.
• Psychological therapy to help the client understand the nature of the Disease of addiction, the recovery process and life style changes that need to be made. The three week programme includes lectures, counseling sessions, group therapy, introduction to self-help groups and other programmes.