Welcome to Sakthi De-addiction Center

Welcome to Sakthi De-addiction Center

Sakthi Trust was registered as a public Charitable Trust under the Indian Trust Act in November 2014, with a desire to attend rehab for substance and / or alcohol abuse is an empowering step toward freedom. Rehab facilities provide the safest and most comfortable methods to achieve sobriety and the greatest likelihood of maintaining that sobriety once achieved. However, treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Every individual require unique care based on a number of factors including what substances they are addicted to, how long they have been addicted, whether or not they have any co-occurring disorders, and personal preferences. Additionally , every facility has a unique treatment process that they use. Despite the many differences , there are a number of generalities that most treatment process will follow.

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Sakthi De-addiction Center

His vision of giving new life to thousands of individuals affected by Alcohol & Drug addiction and rebuilding their broken families through professional guidance and counselling / other therapeutic methods.

Psychiatrist diagnosis, treat, and prevent mental , emotional and behavioural disorders with the use of medication, Neuro modulation and Psychotherapy. "Psychiatry encompasses more than you may have realised.

SAKTHI TRUST was born from Mr. Krishnamoorthy's foresight and continues determinations.......Turning his personal loss in to a lifetime mission, he started this Trust (emotionally visualised as Ellam Sathiyam) with utmost dedication and commitment.

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