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and Medical Management


Medical Detoxification is part of abuse treatment. it takes first priority of the rehabilitation process to recover from abuse. detox is the process of clearing toxins from the patient body. Our professionals will treat you safe and gently to remove drug substances.

Therapy Sessions


Our Psycho-Socio treatment structure depends on Best Practices in the field of abuse and related issue. The most basic part in the recuperation of the patient comprises of many between related modules, similar to Therapy Sessions on Disease, Recovery and Whole individual recuperation to improve fundamental abilities, Group Therapy, Feed Back sessions, Step work sessions and related exercises which frames the essence of the Recovery Program.

Peer Group Sharing


Peer Group imparting to a prepared facilitator is that it gives a setting where individuals can proceed to discuss their recuperation just as any issues they experience en route. This sort of sharing can be exceptionally helpful. In the event that the person who is doing the talking has fabricated an effective recuperation at that point can move different individuals.

Group Therapy


Group Therapy structures one of the crucial connections in our treatment procedure. A Psycho-instructive Group is a particular sort of gathering treatment that spotlights on teaching customers about their specific issue and the manners in which that they can adapt to issues identified with their issue.



The initial move towards recouping from liquor abuse is to admit to the issue. Addicts are regularly splendid at persuading themselves they don’t have an issue or that they’re doing all that they can to battle it.

Educative Lectures
and Video Sessions


Prepared and Experienced Professionals and Self Support Members, who structure the centre of this part of treatment direct educative and data important for the patients on the idea of the Disease of abuse and its repercussion in all parts of life and help propel the patients to leave the illness and to lead a typical, substance-free life.